My name is Dagmar Rey, I am Austrian married to a Swiss, we have two sons. Due to my husbands assignements we have moved countries 4 times so far.

Until 2002, I was working in sales, for a pharmaceutical company. Then we had the chance to go to Brazil.

That is where our journey and my life as a "trailing spouse" began.
Brazil had a big impact on us. The infectious optimism and alegria of the Brazilians got us. Our two sons were born there.
In 2007 we moved to Portugal. Same language different mentality but non the less beautiful. After nearly 5 years in Portugal we searched for the "nordic light" in Sweden for annother 3 years.

Since 2014 we live in Basel.

I like my life far from home, though there is one thing I would change: How about a "fast-forward-button" to find the right crowd. Each time when we moved to a new country I had to start from scratch. Being out there looking for new friends is often a game of luck.
I still feel this awkward shyness when I aproach new people - although no one, who knows me and my big mouth, would believe it. I once started a friendship with the sentence, "I am tired of always having to introduce myself and I'd rather just wear a sign which reads: Look, I am a really nice person, do you want to be my friend?". My "soon to be" new friend knew immediatly what I meant.

I talked and explored a lot with people in the same situation which led to this project.

"Basel Expat Spouse - New Friend" started as a crazy idea and grew into a concept that helps to find out comon interests very fast.

Because friendship makes me happy. How about you?